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Title: 2005 30-Hour Famine sponsored by World Vision
Post by: shummer on February 03, 2005, 03:32:06 PM
On February 25-26, I am participating in the 2005 30-hour Famine ( with the youth group at my church. It is an event to raise money to help feed children all over the world. It is sponsored by an organization called World Vision ( You've probably heard about their child sponsorship program. Three areas where World Vision is providing vital services to save childrens' lives are:

- Asia Tsunami Disaster Relief
- Darfur, Sudan Refugee Crisis
- Kenya's Severe Famine

If anyone would like to contribute, you can paypal me at Add your name and address and I can send you a receipt for your 2005 tax return. You can also get a hold of me locally and make a check out to "World Vision".

To give you an idea of how far your money goes, $1 feeds and cares for 1 child for an entire day. If you're concerned about coming up with support money, I challenge you to skip one lunch at work and use that money to help feed kids around the world.

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