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Title: Brakes Upgrade Option Anxiety
Post by: 34k on February 11, 2005, 02:47:53 PM
So my plan is to get an upgrade to my brakes done before the track day in May. The problem is that I'm having difficulties finding GOOD information about what I should be shopping for. There are so many "Big Brake" kits out there with everything from basic OEM upgrades and TT 225 brakes up to the crazy 14.1" Porsche Cayenne 6 piston kits for the MKIV platform.  8O

My driving habits include mild to aggressive street/canyon driving and between 4-6 track days a year. I'd like to see a power out-put for the car between 250-300hp and need brakes to match. I would guess that I'm somewhere around 200hp with current mods, and maybe another 5 or so when I put the exhaust on. (Guess we'll find out for real at the dyno day) It will likely be another year or so before I start planning on replacing the turbo etc to get more power.

It seems to me that going with larger, slotted rotors, new pads, SS brake lines and high temp fluid should cover it for now(I know I don't REALLY need the SS brake lines).

Is it that great of a benefit going with the BIG calipers for this kind of driving? I'm not interested in the style or coolness factor here, just practicality and good braking to match my power expectations.

If it makes sense to spend the dough to do the "right thing", I have no problem with that whatsoever, but I don't want to blow cash out my booty JUST to have the biggest brakes on the block.

Does anyone have any input to this?

1) OEM calipers - 13.1" Front & 12.1" Rear ECS vented 2-piece floating rotors $1048
2) OEM calipers, TT carriers 12.1" Front & 10.1" Rear ECS vented 2-piece floating rotors $1765

or screw the rears and just worry about the fronts:

3) Porsche Boxster 4-Piston Monobloc Caliper, 12.3" 1- Piece Rotor $1199.00
4) Porsche Boxster 4-Piston Monobloc Caliper, 13.1" ECS vented 2- Piece Rotor $1549.00

5) find something else entirely
6) shaddap and just buy some new pads, give me the $1000+ bucks you're thinking about wasting cuz all that stuff is dumb

Am I forgetting something important here? I need some pad recommendations too.
Title: Brakes Upgrade Option Anxiety
Post by: KevB on February 11, 2005, 08:44:50 PM
I'm in the same boat as you bro.  Even with no motor mods my stock brakes were far from sufficent at the last track day.  
In my opinion the best set-up for the front is Stoptech;  13" 2-piece rotors, 4 piston calipers, front SS line, and pads.  It's kind of pricy at $1900 though.  But from the reviews I've read they are awesome, and Turner Motorsports uses them on thier Speed Challenge cars.
That said you can get a R32 brake kit for $925 from  It includes 13" rotors, 2 piston calipers, caliper carriers, Mintex pads, and normal lines.
For the rear you can take the 10" set-up from the GTI337, 20AE, R32, or Audi TT.  You get 10" rotors and new calipers.  You can get it from Autotech ,, or  You could always just assemble the parts yourself.
This link will take you to a review for the R32 front and 10" rear combo on a New Bettle.
Good luck on your search.

Title: Brakes Upgrade Option Anxiety
Post by: jayryan on February 11, 2005, 10:47:33 PM
By the time I'm done, I hope to be putting out around 200hp. In researching and figuring my driving habits which are LOTS of spirited canyon/street driving with few track days that I'im opting for the OEM Brembo rotors.
They already have a patented cooling system. (saw a cut-away in a Brembo brochure at Avalon...pretty cool).
So that means, I'm going to go balls-to-the-wall on Pads. I don't race and the rotors keep cool enough for my driving.
Andrew, I don't know about your GTI, but the Passat already have SS brakelines...they're just covered in rubber. Hmm...I wonder if anybody's taken the rubber coating off...
So with that in mind, Pat would be the one to wait for on this, but I'll tell you that he'll tell you, "Don't buy Mintex Red Box!" I say the same thing...THEY SUCK!
Title: Brakes Upgrade Option Anxiety
Post by: DenverPat on February 12, 2005, 09:05:59 AM
I don't really know much about GTI brakes.  Everything you've said so far makes perfect sense to me.  I guess I'd try to find some people that race GTIs and see what they use.  If you find some that use OEM calipers and their car weighs about as much as your with power similar to what you hope to achieve, I'd keep the calipers.  I wish I could help more.
Title: Re: Brakes Upgrade Option Anxiety
Post by: Eric18T on February 27, 2005, 08:35:29 AM
Andrew -  You have listed many options there and i will try and hep you out with these.  

Starting with the rear brakes. Install the SS lines i sent you (wife mailed them on thursday) and a set of slotted rotors in stock size.  Also add a set of good pads. I am running the PBR ceramic pads from ECS.  The Hawks are very good also.

Front. I am running the ECS Stage 2 v2 setup which is the Porsche 4 pot caliper and the 1 peice rotor. I went this route to save a couple $$. The kit will also come with SS lines for the front. I added Hawk pads to round it out.

Flush the system  with  HIgh temp fluid, I used the ATe Super Blue.

This combo works great both on the streat and the track. When your at the track you can change out the front pads to a more aggresive pad and then put the streeet pads back in after. This is a nice simple setup and it works great!



Title: Brakes Upgrade Option Anxiety
Post by: Spicoli on February 27, 2005, 04:51:24 PM
I have a set off a 20th (front and rear) and they work well, but like all OEM rotors and pads they aren't designed for track use.  Those porsches ones (stage 2v2) look great, I ahve thought about getting those myself.  Plus if they are the ones from ECS they are a killer deal.