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Title: *** another oil thread ***
Post by: B5_Alex on February 14, 2005, 03:48:37 PM
I know that this topic has been discussed many times on all/any boards that have anyting to do with cars. After doing some research and checking the posts on clubB5, VWVortex and Bob's the oil guy, I am more confused than when I started.
* I have been using 0w-40 Mobil 1 in my B5 and have been quite happy with it. 0 oil consumption no leaks etc. After moving to Colorado I am finding it very difficult to find that oil. Although I've seen it once at Wal-Mart they don't seem to stock it anymore. I had to buy it at a local CarQuest for $7 a bottle and that made me vary MAD :evil: No one else seem to have it within 80 mile radius. I am sure it can be found in Denver (110 miles) cheaper but I don't know where.
* I have found a local AmsOIL distributor that carries 5w-40 Euro Oil that they claim meets the 502.00 standard, but it is not certified by VW and it is not on the TSB oil list. That will run me about $6.20 a bottle.

Here are a few other things:
* Although I like the 0w-40 Mobil 1, I keep reading about an oil analisys that showed while heated the 40 part becomes more like 30, and I can beleive that considering the big gap between 0 and 40. I've never seen that analisys posted anywhere but many people reffer to it. Although that was not an issue for me in the past, running hard in the hills I constantly see oil temps nearing 240 F and that has me conserned.
* Here's a VWvortex theread that kicks AmsOIL 5w-30 (not 40) in the nuts.  :?:
* And last but not least what do you think of this oil cooler for my B5: I like the fact that it is just like the stock one only with a larger capacity. It is COOLANT to OIL  rather than AIR to OIL and it does not require any modifications that would question the reliability of the setup.

As always thanks for your input.


PS. After further research and considering some of RMCB5's suggetions in my brakes question post I got the ATE power disks and PAGID semi-metallic pads. Thanks!!!
Title: *** another oil thread ***
Post by: DenverPat on February 14, 2005, 04:30:00 PM
Hey Alex, if you ever want some goods from Denver let me know.  I make it up there enough to make it convenient.
Sorry again about skipping out on Saturday.   I'll be up there the next two weekends, so if you want to hang....
What kind of Pagids did you get?  How did you decide on them specifically?  I've heard good things about those disks.
Title: *** another oil thread ***
Post by: B5_Alex on February 14, 2005, 04:40:10 PM
No worries about saturday .... I hope you are feeling better .... my wife had a list of things for me to do ;-)

Here's the link where I got the PAGID pads and the ATE discs from:
Title: *** another oil thread ***
Post by: DenverPat on February 14, 2005, 05:00:13 PM
Nah, I feel worse now than I did then.  =/
Just a head cold, though.  It's not like I have gonorrhea or something.
Title: *** another oil thread ***
Post by: JDawg on February 15, 2005, 05:45:02 PM
Pat has syphilis?  That must suck.  Regarding oil, I too have faced similar oil issues.  In the W8 I can only run 5w-40 full syn.  The only local oil I have found is either from a VW, BMW, Audi, or Mercedes dealer.  VW sells some for $5.60 a quart.  Several months ago I stumbled across some Valvoline 5w-40 at a Checker Auto parts store for about $4.20 a quart.  I researched the oil, and found that it is extremely high quality oil, and it meets the 502.00 and 505.00 VW certs, and is on VW's cert list.  I purchased 30 quarts at the time, because that is all they had, and my W8 takes about 9.2 quarts per change.  

I run my car about 9K miles between changes, because VW recommends 10K.  I just checked my oil which has about 9K miles on it, and there has been NO oil loss or burn off during that time.  I am very happy with the Valvoline.
Title: so .....
Post by: B5_Alex on February 17, 2005, 05:25:29 PM
Here are some tests done on Amsoil and Pentosynth (;f=3;t=001898#000000) both 5w-40 and AmsOIL 5w-40 and Mobil1 0w-40 (;f=3;t=001687#000000). They all came out of a 2003 1.8T B5.5. Looks like the AmsOIL may be worth a try after all. And the fact that I can buy it locally makes it even better.

I find these posts to be very very valuable since it cuts through the usual rhetoric and personal bias and provides hard sientific test results. I am not sure if any of the mods think that they should be included in a different section on this board. :idea: