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Title: Are things not working right?
Post by: 92UrS4 on February 22, 2005, 09:16:36 PM
Well my recommendation is this:

PM me or any other moderator or post in this forum.  For the last number of months various users have chosen to use their signature or other threads (not in this forum) as a way to offer up their concerns about things not working properly on the site.

If you don't ask for help I, nor the moderators, are going to be able to help you without knowing first hand what the problem is.

Most issues such as "why does this work for so-and-so and not for me?" can be fixed or figured out pretty quickly if we know what the problem is.

My recommendation is to ask for help.  In the past there have been many times I could easily answer the question left lingering in a users signature or randomly left in a post, but I choose not to.  If the user is too lazy to seek a solution to the problem then in my mind it isn't a problem at all.

I apologize if this post seems harsh or condescending, but we all have jobs or other commitments and don't have time to waste trying to decipher what a problem is by the sometimes cryptic messages in ones signature or in posts not in this forum.

The door is always open to ask questions, or for any other level of dialogue.  I strongly recommend using the resources available to you to find the answers to your questions. We are all a part of this and want it to be a useful and fun environment for everyone.