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Title: Post cat O2 sensor installed
Post by: SweetVW on March 12, 2005, 05:27:34 PM
After a bunch of tries, a bit of WD-40 and a bunch of blisters on my right forearm from the engine block (the engine had cooled quite a bit, but was still hot), The rear O2 sensor has been installed.  My friend and I decided it would be easier to attack it from the air box side and removed the top half of the air box and go in between the firewall and the engine with the exhaust below.  After a shot of the WD-40 and a bit of soaking, the sensor came off.  Also if you have large hands, have someone with smaller hands takcle the installing and threading of the sensor.  It is easier to screw in the unit.

Here is the interesting thing the sensor failure was caused by all four wires and housing basically looking like they were melted through just above the sensor casing.  I am not sure what caused it, since the wires were not in contact with any hot surface.  I wonder if it shorted out or was faulty.

I cleared the engine codes and ran the engine for 5-7 minutes with no errors returning.  I rechecked the codes when I got back home and still nothing!  Wahoo  :D