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Title: B5.5 Passat - fresh air intake: grill mod question
Post by: s4josh on April 30, 2005, 12:35:52 AM
So I was looking at the engine compartment of my new 05' Passat Wagon.  I noticed there was this grid of closed sqaures on the top of the grill on the left side.  Now on my B5.5 S4 theres a intake hole leading to the filter box in the same spot.  Now it looks like they molded that part of the grill and forgot to make the holes even though the design is there for them.

(Ignore the dirt I was driving in the snow today)

From the top behind the grill you can see the three intake holes that lead into a single pipe going to the filter box.


My question is has anyone cut out the plastic in the holes?  It looks like right now all the air going into the air intake has to pass threw the AC condenser (which is hot when running AC) and if you open these holes it would just be a direct fresh air.  I understand there would be an increased amount of bugs and dirt, but it looks like an easy mod that would cause to many problems besides maybe needing to replace or clean my air cleaner more often?

Other question is how hard is it to take the front grill out?  I see two torques screwes on the top holding it on is there more? If you know of a link that would be cool.  I just want to break/damage things taking it out.  See dead center of picuture below.

Title: B5.5 Passat - fresh air intake: grill mod question
Post by: 03Indigo on April 30, 2005, 02:10:33 AM
I did what you are talking about on my 2003 B5.5 when I had it.  it is NOT hard to get the grill out, quite simple.  I will have to look into my Bently for the exact procedure, but i did it a bunch with putting in W8 lights and all.

So, once you get the grill out, simply cut or dremmel the section out.  DO NOT DO THIS ON THE CAR, as the AC condensor is RIGHT behind the lower part of that section, and you can puncture it.  Someone way back on Club B5 did this, and it was an expensive repair.  I had a rock puncture my AC condensor, and it was nearly $800 to replace and be recharged.

This grill change took place in 2003, the 2001.5 and 2002 had the openings there, but the support grid present.  Not sure why they changed, but it did.  No one ever got a real answer as to why they basically blocked the intake of the car, they speculated that there was plenty of air that got through the grill and up over the top of the condensor and radiator and into the plenum.

So, you can poke around and get the grill off on your own, and as I get time next week, I will see if I can make a copy of the page you need.  I won't have a chance to get to it before mid week, as i am working all weekend, and have other stuff going on in the beginning of the week.
Title: B5.5 Passat - fresh air intake: grill mod question
Post by: 92UrS4 on April 30, 2005, 07:14:13 AM
To be fair to VW this is intentional.  The B5 and the earliest B5.5's were open.  There are no real benefits to it.

If I could make a guess as to why they put a solid piece in?  Well where it was located it would suck in a lot of water, so much water in a rainsotrm in fact it fouled my MAF (2000 B5). Alsoe, it is a alot easier for debris to get in there.  I had to clean out the airbox in my Passat often,  Not to mention the protective screen was getting trashed because of the high rate of speed the gravel an other parts were getting in there.

When the B5.5 first came this way everyone was shocked and started cutting this piece.  But look carefully and you should see that air will still get pulled in without any problem.

You can do the mod to "open it up" some more, but there are some downsides as listed above.
Title: B5.5 Passat - fresh air intake: grill mod question
Post by: s4josh on April 30, 2005, 06:28:20 PM
Thanks for the info.  I think all hold off on cutting up the grill and just get an K&N filter :D  

Maybe when I goto a Turbonetics T3 ceramic roller-bearing turbo and standalone ECU i'll cut open the holes :P
Title: B5.5 Passat - fresh air intake: grill mod question
Post by: aowhaus on May 02, 2005, 08:14:02 AM
On my original grille I had the opening but I went a step further and dremmelled the plastic grid off to provide just a little more air into the box.
I also removed the prefilter screen as well.  With the K&N it added just a little more flow to the engine.

I'm not worried about water getting to the filter as there are a few twists and bends to the air intake and it doesn't shoot directly staight into the air filter.  As for debris, the K&N does an excellent job in catching it (the tube forward of the filter has always been dust free and very clean).  You may have to clean your K&N on a more frequent basis.

Not to hijack this thread, I recently did a modified Colorado airbox mod last weekend since I got a Kamei grill which blocks the stock location of the air intake.  I dremmelled a hole in the bottom of the airbox and fed a 3" flexible tube to it (the air enters through the grille next to the fog light).
Having the intake tube at the bottom of the box reduces the amount of dirt and debris from being trapped and thrown around in the box (the Colorado airbox mod typically adds the intake tubes from the side).
I'm really satified and it adds a little more grunt when accelerating.