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Title: $12+Walgreens=ambient light
Post by: jayryan on May 07, 2005, 12:41:33 PM
So I was at Walgreen's at 10pm last night picking up some products for my wife and as always enjoy wandering the isles. I come to the automotive section and eagerly process the offerings hoping I'll have an Einstein moment.

No such moment came but I saw a $12 pack of two blue neon lights. 8O  I definately didn't want to use them as indicated on the box. I'll spare you the ricer details. I :roll:  wanted to illuminate my floor.  :)

I did. I took them home and the was a very mellow blue tinted white diffused neon. Perfect. So I just spent the last 30 minutes (mostly routing wire) installing them and my wife says I'm a dork. So now to compliment my blue and white LED ambient light, I have very mellow, light blue unobnoxious light underneath the dash whenver I turn on my lights :P :wink:

I think I'm going to pick up one or two more packs for when these burn out. Anybody know the life expectancy of neons?
Title: $12+Walgreens=ambient light
Post by: gragravar on May 08, 2005, 08:50:37 PM
Pimping the footwell.  Nice.   :)

ps - I have NO idea how long neon will last.
Title: $12+Walgreens=ambient light
Post by: jayryan on May 09, 2005, 05:31:22 AM
Quote from: "gragravar"
Pimping the footwell.  Nice.   :)

Adding to my sex lighting theme :P Tish did think it was really hot. She loves it. I love that :P
Title: $12+Walgreens=ambient light
Post by: aowhaus on May 09, 2005, 06:04:17 AM
whip out the musk scented car freshener and pop in a Barry White CD and you're heading to home base!   :D

BTW, I came across a 15" white neon tube that was on sale at Pep Boys, it worked fine until I tried to hardwire it, then it never worked since.  I eventually ordered some white cold cathode tubes from a website that specializes on PC modding -- I've used them before and they last a very long time and emit very little heat (but they are very bright).  I saw someone wrote up a very positive post on PW where he added them to his trunk and glove box, so I'm going to do that too as soon as it arrives.

I have to check it out some day, but not with you in the car!  8O