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Title: June 2005 - 337dub
Post by: 34k on June 01, 2005, 08:28:35 AM

I'm not sure what spawned my love for cars, it doesn't run in the family and none of my high school friends knew anything about cars. I suppose it started when I got my first car. It was a grey 1989 hand-me-down Jeep Cherokee Laredo, complete with peeling hood, rusted out exhaust, and more seeping oil then I'd ever seen before. I loved that car and I miss it still to this day. I lost my license from speeding in it too much and missed out on five months of driving it.

Once I had finished my first semester of college I transfered to UNC. My dad was too worried that my jeep wouldn't make it back and forth safely from Greeley so he told me I could have any car I wanted under 10K. I didn't know as much as I do now and decided on a 1998 black Dodge Avenger. It was a good choice compared to the Neon he wanted me to get.
I failed miserably at UNC, too many party's. I came back to Arapahoe Community College not knowing what I wanted to pursue. I found out there were automotive classes offered and decided, why not. It was the best decision i had ever made. I learned so much about how cars worked and I got a job at a dealership.

I started out as a lot tech as I patiently waited for an opening in the service department. Part of my job every morning was to check in the trade-in cars from the night before, which is when I stumbled on to my beloved Passat. I had always told myself, as i drove my automatic Dodge, that my next car would be a stick and have a turbo. I sat in the comfy cloth seats of the Passat and took in the sites. Wood trim, 5-speed, heated seats!?! I had to drive it. As I took off around the corner, the car took off with an amazing boost, I thought to myself, "no way, this car can't have a turbo, can it?" I popped the hood as soon as I pulled back into the dealership. I couldn't believe it, It was love at first site. I hid the car behind the dumpsters so the slimy salesmen couldn't see it. I also happened to find the trade in sheet which gave me good numbers to start with. I went straight to the GM and bugged him all day until he said, "sell her the damn car." From then on my love for cars focused on a specific group that I liked more then any other type of car.

After purchasing the Passat I found RMCB5 which I called home almost instantly. I began to learn about different modifications and ended up lowering and debaging my pASSat. I also put in a 2-gauge pillar pod and a cone filter. I learned the hard way not to use K&N and went through 3 MAF sensors. I drove the Passat for about a year, then I found my new baby.
She sat beautifully outside of Gebhardt for several months before I found her. It took a couple days but the nicest finance guy, pulled some strings and worked out financing for me. He called and told me what to bring with me and said be prepared to drive it home. I almost cried, it's the first car I bought by myself. My beautiful 337 GTI. So far she's been chipped and I put my HKS filter on for good sound. Coil-overs will be ordered after I replace my almost drag slick, original tires. I plan to keep her forever and I'll eventually decide on a name, I may just name her Towanda II, (passed on from the passat.)

Well that's my brief car history. A little about me before I go, I graduated this May with my Associates of Applied Science in Automotive service technology, a certificate in Automotive service technology and Automotive Service Management. I've also been on TV, on the show "Trade School." I was chosen because of my skills and my involvement at my school. I was president of the motorsports club where we drag raced in a 1973 Dodge Dart 440. I was also a member and trophy winner of SkillsUSA VICA. Now I'm moving on to collision repair, and maybe one day I'll be done with school.