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Title: Needs some stereo advice..... (Kinda long) PLEASE HELP
Post by: EriksVW on June 09, 2005, 08:47:52 AM
Part 1:

Here's the synopsis, the ground wire connected to my Amp came a little loose about a week ago. I kept telling myself I need to re-crimp it but I kept putting it off. Well yesterday I hit a pot hole in the road pretty hard and I think it jarred it really good, because as I hit it, there was a really loud thud through out the speakers and then no sound. So I pull over and sure enough the ground had dis-lodged from the connector in the amp. I hook it back in and tape it down temporarily(gotta have some tunes while driving) and now I am getting an AWFUL high pitch droning sound, as the engine rev's up it gets even higher pitched. ITíS FRIEKEN ANNOYING AS ALL HELL!!!  I get home and re-crimp the ground and check all my connections, the sound is still there! I can turn up the stereo and kind of drown it out but you can still hear it faintly. When you turn the sound all the way down, the high pitch droning just whales away by itself. Of course when I turn the stereo off it goes away. Any Idea what the hell is causing this?
Part 2

Ok, heres the deal, I went through the whole troubleshooting process to see where the noise was coming from. I checked all the grounding of my amp and it was solid! I looped the RCA's on the amp, no noise. I then un-plugged the RCA's off the back of the HU, no noise. I unplugged the antenna, still noise. So I thought that might be the problem, then I touched the RCA's to the HU by accident the noise went away. So I thought theres my problem, the ground that the HU was running off of took a shit.(don't know how or why) so I looked for another ground for the HU, I tried EVERYTHING, the ground off of the ASR switch, heated seats switches, hazards switch, even the rear defrost switch!!!  I then tried an alluminum bar right above the stereo, no go! (I know i know, alluminum sucks for ground) So I piggy backed the ground off of my RCA's and it sounds GREAT!!!  So now the big question..... WHAT THE HELL HAPPEN TO THE GROUND IN THE CAR???? Is there a centralized ground in the car for all the wiring, or maybe a floating ground?? I checked the battery for S&G's and its on tight. Oooh, one last thing, before the dreaded pot hole the stereo sounded great, after the PH, everything takes a royal shit!!    Also, everything works I checked, checked and double checked, all the creature features work as they should. Heated seats heat, rear defrost, defrosts, etc. Any help in this dilemma would be greatly appreciated. Thanks