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Title: Camshaft Upgrade
Post by: BHase on June 28, 2005, 11:42:38 AM
I'm pasting a post from another forum I am on that specializes more directly in 2.8 30v V6 engines, into this forum, because it is in points a more general question and I would appreciate input from any of you mechanical gurus as well, even if you don't have much (or any) experience with the 2.8 30v V6.


This is more a naturally aspirated tuning tech question than it is a question about supercharging your 2.8. I've been toying with these notions of keeping the A4 naturally aspirated for years, and the ongoing debate keeps me with neither a supercharger nor any sort of N.A. performance parts. Since the 2.8 30v community discussions elsewhere are relatively uninformative, yet I realize some of you have dealt with my questions before, I'm going to post my questions here again.

What are most interesting to me as component upgrades are the aftermarket camshafts that Belgian manufacturer CatCams ( produces. Five separate camshafts are produced for the 2.8 30v, two listed as "sport" applications and three listed as "race" applications. Here is the link for the page featuring the CatCams products:

Here are the specs on the five camshafts, in order, in case you don't feel like navigating the CatCams website:

1) 239/245 - Sport (Part #: CAT1004050)
2) 267/280 - Sport (Part #: CAT1004051)
3) 256/262 - Race (Part #: CAT1004150)
4) 279/278 - Race (Part #: CAT1004151)
5) 291/278 - Race (Part #: CAT1004152)

There are two dealers for CatCams in the U.S., only one of which is listed by the company itself. The listed dealer is JRP Online You can search directly for the parts numbers I've given above. The other is LREngineering, listed as, whose website is down right this minute. JRPOnline lists all these cams at $2602, LREngineering lists them at $1850, with optional $750 valve springs and retainer. The prices are similar, though CatCams informs that the "sport" camshafts can be used with O.E.M. parts, whereas the "race" camshafts require other parts.

I have several things to ask of you mechanical gurus and 2.8 30v gods out there:

1) Could you please elaborate on the function of aftermarket camshafts? How would I pick a camshaft, and what do the numbers mean exactly? Are some better for low end power, whereas others are better for high end?

2) What degree of dyno tuning and custom programming do you think would be required to get your average camshaft to work well with your car?

3) Do you have any idea what the gains would be? Any sort of range would be appreciated.

4) What other parts might need to be replaced to ensure optimal functioning of the aftermarket camshafts?

Thank you in advance for any responses. I have had my 2.8 for about five years now, and most of my efforts have been focused on minor things. Since camshaft replacement and a lot of internal component tuning gets little attention (perhaps due to unavailability), I know very little in these areas, and would like to build up my knowledge base. Also take into consideration that the time for a new car is getting close, and I am exploring more custom, race-setup options for my 1998 A4 2.8.

Title: Camshaft Upgrade
Post by: BHase on July 05, 2005, 12:56:06 PM
In case anybody is interested, I did end up getting some answers to this rather obscure tuning question.  The link I'm giving is to another online forum, mainly for 2.8 and 3.0 30v V6'ers.  If anybody is interested, go ahead and give it a look-see.

Title: Camshaft Upgrade
Post by: ColoradoB5 on July 25, 2005, 06:33:51 PM
I read those replies on that site, Ben and I would have to agree with Geri; I think a supercharger would be much a more cost efficient way to achieve higher horsepower.  If you do plan on racing SCCA, I do believe that would put you into a different competitive bracket though.  

Let us know what you decide!
Title: Camshaft Upgrade
Post by: Scuba2001 on July 25, 2005, 07:32:22 PM
Going forced induction will put you into a new bracket, more then likely SM.  Any time that you add forced induction or mess with boost perameters, it automaticly puts you into SM.  So be prepared for that.

Good luck,