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Title: October 1 meet, drive, and lunch
Post by: e46325ci on September 30, 2005, 09:16:10 PM
Hey guys sorry this is soo late notice but i met somebody that browses this forum and decided to post this see if any of you would like to come out...

This is the original thread

1.   The Circuit City is on Colorado Blvd. and Florida
               MAPQUEST to Circuit City (

2.   After everybody is here we will head to Red Rocks.
3.   From Florida take a right onto Colorado Blvd. Stay in the right lane.
4.   Merge onto I-25 North… take I-25 north.
5.   We will take I- 25 North to 6th avenue west ( Lakewood exit)
6.   Stay on 6th avenue all the way to I-70 exit (towards grand Junction)
7.   Stay in the right lane while merging on to I-70 because we will exit I-70 rather quickly.
8.   Take C-470 exit ( towards Colorado Springs)
9.   Exit C-470 on Morrison Road exit.
10.   We will take Morrison Road to  Red Rocks… DRIVE SLOW! There are a lot of pedestrians and cops here!  SLOW!!
11.   Keep going straight until Red Rocks entrance #3. Follow Red Rocks Park Road around some nice twisties all the way to Lower South Lot # 1.


      Red Rocks to Lookout Mountain.
1.   Back down red rocks road to Morrison Road DRIVE SLOW!
2.   Morrison Road to C-470 west ( towards Grand Junction)
3.   C-470 all the way to 6th avenue.. stay on the left side of highway when it splits into I-70… we catch 6th avenue here.
4.   6th avenue west to 19th street.
5.   Left on 19th street…. Up lookout mountain…
6.   Once up the mountain turn right into the Buffalo Bill grave and museum… there is a nice big parking lot where we can regroup etc.
7.   Back down lookout mountain to 6th avenue.
8.   6th avenue east to kipling
9.   exit kipling to Hooters on left hand side.

Attention: Everybody should drive safely and not try and endager yourselves or people ( either with us or not) around you. There will be children present with some of our drivers. We can have fun and do a little spirited driving but know there is a limit guys. Lets make this a safe and fun meet.

Here is the microsoft .doc  of those directions... please print them out if you think you will need them.

 October 1 MEET   (
Title: October 1 meet, drive, and lunch
Post by: TurboDub on October 01, 2005, 08:36:24 AM
Thanks for the invite!

I'm already in the office for today though... :roll:  :cry: