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Title: WWJD?
Post by: UberGrrl on December 21, 2002, 09:19:30 PM
just kidding. So here's a

hypothetical question...sort of. There is this guy I know, who LOVES my car. Keeps saying he wants to buy it in the spring (march or april). Willing

to pay the price of the car+ what I've done in mods. He loves the mods but knows nothing and has no interest in doing it himself (he is more into

shopping, primping, and picking up men). If he really is serious about buying, and can give me what I want for it, should I sell it??? I love my car,

but sheeit, I could get an A4, I was just pricing them yesterday. ;) I have this philosophy that 'everything is for sale for the right price'... should

this be any different?

Title: WWJD?
Post by: 92UrS4 on December 22, 2002, 07:30:29 AM
Amanda -

Money makes the world go round, money is everything and everything is for sale for a price.

Okay, cliches out of the way, and no offense to the Audi owners of the group, but much like CB5, I don't understand the facination with everyone

wanting an A4 but settling for a Passat.

If you truley want an A4, then I would say sell it, and get n A4.  Keep in mind, when you got it (the B5.5) and the money you've invested into it,

you could have bought a used A4.

I really like the A4s as well, but they are too small for me, the same reason I like the Jettas and didn't get one.

Other things to look at, make ure there is no penalty for buying out your lease prior to its close.  If your lease isn't up when you want to sell it,

you have to buy it out of the lease, then you can sell it to your friend.  This is the

case if it is leased through VW Credit (looked at this option once myself).  

I understand the idea of taking advantage of a good opportunity to get what you want.  The new A4 design is sweet, they did with it, what they

should have done with the A6.  The butt is too round on the A6s, would like to have seen them more like the new A4.  But I guess that was also a 2

or so year ago change.

Anyway, if I had never lost my job, I would not have my Passat right now.  I'd still

have my scout, a used 911 and probably a house.  Funny how things work out eh?

Okay, I'll go back and vote and if your sincerely want an A4, then thats what I'm selecting.
Title: WWJD?
Post by: UberGrrl on December 22, 2002, 06:12:22 PM
Thanks Jay. Actually at the time I did

want a passat... I shopped the A4s a little, but my heart was set on a passat. Now the more time I spend with Audis, the more I like them, and have

been thinking of getting one when my lease is up anyway. There are so many little details, and the quattro kicks ass... it seems like a good thing if

someone wants to pay a price including mods, because I realize the mods I do are for my own enjoyment only and don't improve the value of the

vehicle, etc. This scenario is just interesting as it has presented itself.. we will see how serious he is. If not, I'll be happy with my girl for a while

longer, cause I love her. Besides, if and when the car goes away, I can't see myself buying the exact same thing over again. I tend to have a short

attention span with my cars, which is why I leased in the first place.  :D
Title: WWJD?
Post by: velo on December 23, 2002, 08:37:19 AM
Like Jay said, look into what is required to buy out your lease early.  I almost bought a '99 V6 from a woman who was nearing the end of her

lease.  She would have had to buy the car from VWoA and pay the sales tax on that purchase, then sell the car to me (and I'd have to pay sales

tax again).  So if you buy out your lease you'll probably have to pay sales tax on that purchase.  You should factor that into your calculations as to

whether it makes sense to sell your car.
On the other hand, maybe this isn't a logical decision process and you just have to listen to your emotions.  If you really want an Audi, get an Audi.

 I just can't see spending that much on a car, but that's just me.
Title: WWJD?
Post by: ColoradoB5 on December 23, 2002, 02:41:29 PM
I personally would like an Audi, but

only an A6 or an S4 just for fun, since you can't fit 4 adults in it very well...

With Audi's you seem to get options VW won't give you, so that would be my option.  Personally, I'd like to have a souped up VW I can go crazy

with and then an Audi for when I want to feel sophisticated (yeah right!)
Title: WWJD?
Post by: reem01 on December 26, 2002, 02:13:53 PM
Well Amandad I agree that the A4's

are very cool, especially the new ones.  But, they are too small for my blood, after owning the Passat I could only go to an A6, which I think are

very very nice.  I like haveing the room to put 3 adults in the back and not having to move my seat up like a 85 year old gramma.  Just my 2

Title: WWJD?
Post by: hotani on February 02, 2003, 02:52:07 PM
personally I would sell and get the following:

Used A4 1.8T Avant, and add the following:

K04, coilovers, recaros, 18" BBS RX or RS4 wheels... YEEEEEEEE!

I have 2 years to pay off my g20 and am already considering the above setup when its paid for - It is tempting to put $$$ into the g (read: turbo), but i would be happier knowing I could return to the b5 family in a couple short years!! :)

AWD + Turbo can't be beat!!!