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Title: Cam chain tensioner / adjuster.
Post by: 30V on February 27, 2006, 10:31:25 AM
I am doing a major service and accidentally broke one of the plastic pieces that the cam chain rubs on.  My tensioners are fine but the dealer doesn't sell just the plastic piece.  The best price I have found is about $350 for a $0.20 chunk of plastic.

Does anyone have one?

There are some good pictures of it at the links below.  It is the brown piece that contacts the cam chain.


Title: Re: Cam chain tensioner / adjuster.
Post by: 30V on February 28, 2006, 01:58:56 AM
I spoke to Randy at APS and he suggested a couple of places to find a used tensioner assembly.

Shokan in NJ was $285 (used), McDonald was $668 (new), Audi Only (no answer) and was $388 (new).  Chris at Autoimports (303-762-7805) hooked me up with one for $100.  I thought I was going to have to try and pry the plastic off the tensioner assembly but the upper piston slides out easily so I just swapped them.  It was pretty sweet.

Learn from my mistake....  When taking out a stubborn cam shaft, keep the retaining caps & bolts loosely in place.  Use some channel locks to firmly grip the cam and get it out of the block.  I was pulling the last one out (with all the caps / bolts out) and when it broke loose, it whacked the tensioner plastic and busted it in two.  Friekin' $668 piece of plastic.  Yeah right.

If only that spring in the cam shaft end seal didn't pop out during assembly (I found it on the floor much later), I would be close to done.

Big thanks to Randy and Chris!!