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Title: Would it be worth it.....
Post by: SweetVW on April 11, 2006, 05:14:06 AM
Last night I cleaned out the Passat throttle body.  It did have quite a bit of carbon buildup and hopefully by cleaning it; it will stop the random "Emissions Workshop" messages.  In looking at the tube that comes from the intercooler, I noticed an oily film residue.  I know that our cars will have a bit of oil work its way through the intake, but would it be worth it to clean out the tubing and especially the intercooler.  My thought in this is if the tube is coated with oil, then the intercooler would be affected, possibly reducing its efficiency.  Would it be worth the time and effort to remove the intercooler and to properly flush it to remove any buildup?  What amount of time and difficulty would I be looking at?
Title: Re: Would it be worth it.....
Post by: Eric18T on April 11, 2006, 06:17:07 AM
unless you have alot of oil in the tube going into the intercooler and you can see a layer of oil inside the intercooler, cleaning the intercooler is going to prove to be a huge hassle and not provide any measurable gains.  (yep i know that is a run-on sentence, but i don't feel like re-phrasing it. ;))