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Title: November 2003 - Alan Robertson
Post by: ColoradoB5 on November 03, 2003, 02:01:21 PM
My VW Passat came into my life a little over a year ago when my previous car was involved in an accident.  The B5 body style had been a favorite of mine for a couple years and so I was happy to finally have one of my own.  I actually found before I bought my car and the discovery of such a vibrant community of VW/Audi enthusiasts was just another good reason to buy a Passat.  I figured that clubb5 would provide me with knowledgeable people to rely on for answers to technical questions.  I never would have imagined I'd find such cool people to hang out with as well.

Back when it was still stock

I bought my 2000 Passat from a woman who lived in Castle Rock.  It had more miles than I would have preferred, but it had all the factory options I was hoping for: heated leather seats, Monsoon w/ 6 disc changer, sunroof, and most importantly, the 1.8T engine with manual transmission.  I had no idea this purchase was just the first step towards modding madness.

My first mod came less than a week after I bought my car and simply involved hard-wiring my radar detector at the fuse panel.  The next mod came a few days later and was also simple and inexpensive, the extra brake light mod. I learned about both these modifications on and was busy researching future enhancements.

I got my first major mods out of the way within a month of buying my car.  A used APR chipped ECU was acquired from a clubb5 member in L.A. who was selling his car.  New suspension was installed with the help of local B5ers and I've tried to repay that kindness by helping install suspensions for a few other local folks.  The new suspension and chipped engine gave me a perma-grin that has yet to go away.

At VWOTG (VW on the Green) 2003

Probably the biggest improvement in looks to my car came in March when Jon took my stock wheels to put on his 2003 Passat when he traded it in on an Allroad.  The BBS CH wheels I bought off him were wider than I might have chosen on my own, but they filled out the wheel wells completely and really gave my car a new aggressive stance that I love.

As proud as I may be of the way my car looks and drives, I'm even more proud of the fact that almost all of the improvements over the past year have been done by myself or with the help of local B5ers.  From my first minor mods to a recent timing belt change I performed on my own, working on my Passat has been an enjoyable hobby over the last year and one which I'm sure will continue in the future.

At the City Park Get Together

Mods complete:
Hard-wired radar detector
Extra brake lights
K&N air filter
APR 2-program ECU
Bilstein sports and Neuspeed sofsports
Forge 007 DV
Clear corners (thanks to Dave!)
Neuspeed Short Shifter
Neuspeed Rear Sway Bar
Blue euro-spec mirrors
Chas' lower tie bar
BBS CH 17x8.5 w/ Sumitomo HTR+ 235/45-17 (thank you Jon!)
Black grill emblem
ECS underdrive crank pulley
Greedspeed snub mount
Mille Miglia A1 16x7 w/ Dunlop Winter Sport M2 205/55-16
Faux wood interior trim (sounds cheesy, looks good)

Mods in mind
Boost gauge (I know, I need one)
Rear fog