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Title: i dont want to step on any toes but i need to ask
Post by: huevon on May 16, 2006, 09:35:15 AM

 Well, first let me say before i type anything else that i dont want to step on any toes... but i really want my car here goes ( i am serious that i dont want to offend anyone ) I will go into the history of my car first. It is a 2000 golf gls 1.8T 4 door

 History:  Since Zev installed my Revo over 2 years ago i have had problems with the car. I tried contacting Zev about the issues and he would not help me out so i quit trying. Nor do i want him or his shop to help me out after all the crapi recieved from him. I would get all of the Revo working for two weeks then it will taper off and the car will almost go back to stock. Its hard to explain until you drive my car. i tried ths sps controller setting it back to stock then back to the revo setting and it would work for a couple of weeks then go back almost to stock mode. I am not loosing boost by what my gauges are telling me. I then went to 3zero3 motorsports and they relfashed the revo for free and it worked for a couple of weeks and then quit. Since then, i have had a baby boy and you with children know that you have NO time for yourself much less for your car. Now, things have calmed down here a little at work and at home. I called 303 once and left a message which was not returned and then i called yesterday and they said that they would call back at night and never did. I asked them if they could look at my car this week and they said that they are leaving thursday-sunday.
  They also said that my problem was a boost leak ( without looking at my car this time ) and still no phone call.

 I would like to know if anyone else deals with Revo before ihave to head up to Ft. Collins to try that shop and that is my last option that i think i have right now. After that, i will be out of Revo dealers here in colorado that i know of at this point.

Secondly, i have shocks and springs that i want to install on my car and i would like to know who is able to put those on my car. i could help out but i dont know anything about this area on my car. it seems easy but i know that you would probably need someting to compress the springs  or shocks to put them on the car. If anyone has any suggestions to help me out that would be fantastic!