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Title: December 2003 - Jon Kessel
Post by: ColoradoB5 on December 02, 2003, 07:32:56 PM

It all started with my first Passat, a 2001.5 Black GLS.  I loved that
car, and as I did more searching on the internet, I stumbled across  That is were the addiction started.  I never
registered, only sat back and read about the car and the fun things I
could do with it.  I had that black Passat for just over a year when I
had an opportunity to sell it and get into an Indigo Blue 2003 GLS with
Black Leather...what I originally wanted.  

The minute I got that car, I started the modifications.  The list was extensive, suspension, BBS CH wheels, Xenon W8 head lamps, chrome accents all over, rear deck spoiler, W8 headlight mod, etc.  My original profile can be found over at still at this link order to find images and write ups of that wonderful car.  I first met the crew at the National GTG in 2002, what a wonderful bunch of people.  I would never have imagined that a car club could consist of such down to
earth, willing to help, GOOD people.  What started as an enthusiast
thing with me has turned into a bunch of friends.

Well, as things went on, life changes and all that, I had another
opportunity to get into a dream car...and Audi Allroad.  I debated this
move for a while, knowing I would be no longer have my Passat.  I was
not sure if everyone would let me hang with them if I were no longer a
B5-B5.5 driving fool...but to my surprise, I was still welcome to this
group with open arms.


The Allroad has been a dream, amazing in all aspects....except that on the track, she is a bit heavy and boggy.  I missed the tight handling of my "03Indigo" blue Passat.  During an evening track session, I saw another Audi driver that had switched to a Mini Cooper S.  I was hooked from that moment on.  Looks, handling, little short on power, but what a car with a ton of character.  


Afterall, that is my focus on modifications...character over performance.  I loved the options that were on the market for the I started looking into getting one.  I did my research, called for a test drive knowing the wait list was almost 9 months long to get a Mini...and went in form my appointment.  Who knew I would have been able to drive off the lot 2 hours later with my Cooper....another 2003 Indi Blue car.  I was more than excited to be able to keep my screen name....but even more excited to take corners like a mad man.  


That thing is like a go-cart with a roof!!!  Now I have what I consider
to be 2 of the most amazing cars out there, the Allroad and the Mini.  
I could not be happier.  I have plans for both cars...more for the
Mini, but will try to pace myself this time.

With the club, I have greatly enjoyed our gatherings, garage days,
shared knowledge, and track events.  Some of my best memories over the past year have been from the time spend with these gear heads!  I have learned a lot, much more than I would ever have expected.  Just want to throw a shout out to everyone who has made my experience here so wonderful...Winston for rounding up the "Outlaws" into this local club,
Jay for his webmastering and relentless efforts to keep us in contact
with each other, Mike R. for his VagCom when I throw a million codes
while driving like an idiot and for his friendship in general, Pat for
being the Vegas man that he is, Chas for all his knowledge and skill,
Boris for being our big guns, Alan R. always lending a hand to everyone
in need, that boy knows how to turn a wrench, Amanda and Wendy for
keeping us real, and everyone else for allowing me to share quality
time with good people...YOU GUYS ROCK!!!