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Title: My Xterra went through a MAJOR Change... take a look see
Post by: Spicoli on December 16, 2006, 01:46:11 PM
So here is how my Xterra looked 2 months ago at 12,400miles:



And here is how it looks now at 286miles:



Oh, and here is my story.   The last weekend of September I was 4 wheeling with and the stupid airbags went off.  It is the side curtain airbags that have the “rollover” protection.  I wasn’t sideways or at all close to rolling over.  I was on just after a rough section and it was pretty much just a dirt road (double track).  I think what happened was when my tire came off this medium sized rock (the road had a couple degrees of cant) and the Xterra shook from side to side.  I think the speed of it going from side to side was the perfect frequency and it amplified the ball to hit the sensor and that made the airbag sensors think I was rolling over… when I wasn’t even close to that happening.  The airbag sensors for roll over are pretty much a ball bearing in a curved track that is filled with a heavy liquid and has sensors at a certain point to signify angle of rollover, which I believe is 45*.  I was only going about 15mph.  It completely blew my mind.  I heard this loud bang and thought some tree fell onto my car or something.  I was leaning in to the center of the vehicle and when I looked over my shoulder to see what happened there is an airbag in my face.  JR was behind me in my car.

It took Nissan 6 weeks, yes 6 weeks, to just DECIDE to fix them under warranty.  Well they finally did, but they told me that the airbags functioned the way they were supposed to and it was my driving that made them go off.  If they were there they would not have said that, but they only had computer data to see what happened.  They told me they couldn’t disconnect them and they weren’t going to give me a different vehicle.  They told me that they were fixing my airbags on my vehicle out of good will.  My car had 12,400miles on it and no sign of rough driving.  I lost a lot of sleep and had many nightmares about them going off again, etc dreaming about going 4wheeling.  One of the main reasons I got the Xterra was to be able to go 4wheeling.  The week before the airbags went off I order swaybar QR mounts, but I didn’t want to install them in anticipation of the airbags going off again and giving Nissan an excuse to not fix the car.  I also wanted to do a suspension lift, which again makes me nervous for the likelihood of the airbags going off again.  Long story short… I traded my 06 in for an 06 that doesn’t have those stupid airbags.

I got an amazing deal on the new black 06 and only took a small hit on switch of the vehicles, $4,500, but I got a new 2006 w/o those stupid airbags.  I had 13,350 on my Granite Xterra and I got all the same features except the airbags and sadly I didn’t get the rocksford fosgate stereo… But after listening to the base radio for the last week I don’t see much difference between the RF and the base stereo in sound quality.  Charcoal interior, manual, Off-Road and no “rollover” airbags were my “must haves”, and I was willing to get a couple colors.  Granite was my 1st choice, but there wasn’t a single one in the nation… but there was a black one locally w/o the RF stereo and so I went with that… I really like the black (my 2nd choice in color).  It is very hot and now I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.  I’m pretty excited about the black and really excited that I can now modify my Xterra and not have to worry about stupid airbags going off when they are not supposed to.  I super happy that I got rid of my X with the airbags and now I can just move on and not have to worry about what I do with my Xterra and what type of 4wheeling I do with it.  

I might has sent a record for most mods with the least amount of miles?
Shrockworks Sliders
OEM Sunglass holder/light
Swaybar QR links
BFGs 285/75-16 tires (10ply)

 - I’ve also done deletion of mudflaps, tint, clearbra (headlights, front and door handle areas), the bike racks and bug deflector (which you can’t see on a clean black X).  

300miles and I have drilled 2 holes into my Xterra, enlarged 4 holes (swaybar QRs) and cut into my headliner!  I’m sick and probably need to get help.  With the weather it took me a while to get photos... I wanted it clean when I took the shots.  I got the New Black Xterra just after Thanksgiving.

Here are some pictures of the inside of my Xterra:


In my underfloor cubby, I keep a Colman air-mattress (double), tow rope, the Nissan “Emergancy Kit” (which I’ve added to and improved), a sheet to fit over my seat incase I get dirty, and for changing flats, etc gloves and a 6’x8’ tarp
Title: Re: My Xterra went through a MAJOR Change... take a look see
Post by: 03Indigo on December 16, 2006, 02:50:56 PM
I like the black much better.

glad things are finally worked out, sounds like it was a very stressful time.
Title: Re: My Xterra went through a MAJOR Change... take a look see
Post by: Eric18T on December 17, 2006, 05:33:04 PM
looks good man. sucks about the f'n airbags. I always liked the industrial look of the xterra's.
Title: Re: My Xterra went through a MAJOR Change... take a look see
Post by: jayryan on December 18, 2006, 10:12:15 AM
Yeah! I'm glad to see you got pics up!!

And to add to that story, it was barely double track...some of you's approaching Red Elephant Hill. Anyway, I thought a shotgun had went off somewhere :x And he was at least 500 yds. ahead of me down the hill and around the bend...there was NOTHING on that stretch that would have caused them to go off.