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Title: Not impressed with Lithia
Post by: UberGrrl on January 06, 2003, 10:26:21 AM
It's time

for my 20K service.. I thought I'd give Lithia a chance and take it there, more convenient too.. however, they charge $289 for the service, and

tynan's charges $50 less. I think I'll save the $50 and drive to Tynan's, plus I know they won't F up my car there, everything Tynan's has done

for me has been great.
Too bad for Lithia that they can't be a little more competitive.    :?
Title: Not impressed with Lithia
Post by: Rascal on January 09, 2003, 07:50:24 AM
I just took my car in to Lithia for a

second time yesterday for warranty work.  They replaced my valve cover gaskets a few months ago.  That didnt' work, so they replaced them

again.  All looks to be well now.

I chatted with a non-tech.  I guess there are three techs (VW certified) with a total of more than 40 years of VW experience.  One tech loves VWs

and has plenty for his family (prefers diesels).  I guess everyone drools over modded cars (sounded like they might do chants, too ;) ).  They

sound mod friendly, unless they get some codes they have difficulty clearing.  They've been in business since Aug., 2002.

VW did can Skyline (thank god) and sold the dealership to Lithia.  I guess VW wants to make Lithia a "Class A" dealership.  I guess this means

"3-story glass front walls" and cars to be the premier dealership for Denver or the Rocky Mountains.  According this fella, it's the first place he's

worked at that has completely new tools and equipment.  They are full blown into their remodeling.  The office is now located in the back in what

looks like it used to be a storage closet or maintanence office.

I had good service.  I dropped it off in the morning.  Everyone was polite.  They called my wife late morning that it was done.  My wife made sure

the engine was cleaned of the leaking oil.  They said it was taken care of.   They picked me up at home to get the car (hence the discussion about

the dealership).  They showed me the leaky gaskets.  Nothig looked wrong, so I presume they weren't quite installed correctly the first time?

I agree that their prices are high.  I'm only used to my independent shop, so I don't know how the prices compare.  But they estimated $103 (or

was it $130) just to look at it.  Damn, I'd be sacared to take it in regularly for probems.  I guess they need to pay for all the new tools.