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Title: ICM blown off?
Post by: bog4rt on February 28, 2007, 07:23:17 PM
my dad woke me up the this morning and said he took my car out for a spin (must have punched my turbo a bit) and said someone went wrong. he heard a big gust of air and the car was runnign really really rough. i was like AHHH WTF did you do to my blue baby. tried to start it up and it died.... eww i was mad! i proceeded to pop the hood and look for obvious boost leaks and found my ICM attached by only 1 screw and almost off completely. i went and got a screw and put it back on tight and car is driving great again... man i am glad it was no big deal lol... but man it was either really loose or he punched the hell outta it. heheh