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Title: any one looking at Adobe Flex or Apollo? upcoming events
Post by: jwilker on April 17, 2007, 12:30:53 PM
I've no connection to this one, just stumbled across it. ApolloRanch ( I think it'll be like ApolloCamp, that Adobe held in San Francisco, which looked like a damn good time, and some killer schwag.

This one ( i'm not tied to either, beyond one of my business partners being a speaker. I know some of the Effective UI folks, good guys. Sounds like EUI might be hosting for Adobe since there's lots of others involved.

Sadly I won't be at either event, as I'll be on vacation. Sad to miss, not sad to be on vacation :)

This last one I am completely tied to :) It's my company doing the event. Unfortunately it ain't free :)360|Flex Seattle ( This is also the reason for my absense of late, well that and a full time project.