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Title: Bi-xenon kit installed
Post by: jfrahm on June 01, 2007, 10:27:08 AM
I got the H4 bi-xenon conversion installed on my 944.  I had E-code H4 lamps with Silverstar 60/55w bulbs before.  They were quite powerful and had a great beam pattern but the color seemed a little fakey.  Charles recommended an HID kit direct from China that turned out to be great, although the instructions were somewhat challenging.

Before I put both bulbs in I took some pics of the HID vs. the Silverstar H4.  The 6000K HID makes the Silverstar look a curious yellow.

Low beams

High beams

I just readjusted the LH lamp so it fit better, I need to realign the beams now.  the pics do not do justice to the brightness of the LH lamp, it's quite abit more powerful as well as a lot whiter in color.  I got 6000K lamps on the recommendation of a friend who uses them in his 25 hour car, he said it was the most natural.  I also wanted the light to look the most stock as I think aftermarket-looking lights get you unwanted attention and make your car stand out too much if you are moving through traffic.

Fantastic lighting, now I need to adjust the rear ride height and then adjust the headlights.  I'm in owl-spotting mode now.


They have an ebay store as well that is a tiny bit cheaper.  I paid about $165 for the bi-xenon kit, which uses solenoids to move the bulbs in and out for high/low beams.  It works very very well.  I plan to pick up an extra kit just for spares as I am putting a kit on my 928 as well.  It'll be good to have extra bulbs, ballasts, and the relay box for the solenoids.

Thanks for the tip Charles!
Title: Re: Bi-xenon kit installed
Post by: SweetVW on June 01, 2007, 11:43:37 AM
Lookin good.  As much as I love drivin in the sun, I almost can't wait until the sun goes down. 
Title: Re: Bi-xenon kit installed
Post by: 03Indigo on June 01, 2007, 11:57:38 AM
those look great, I have 6000K in both my cars and I love them.  I really like the bi-xenon that is going to make such a difference for you, but my cars have different bulbs for high beams so no bi-xenon for me.

Title: Re: Bi-xenon kit installed
Post by: jayryan on June 01, 2007, 01:52:47 PM
Man, I love my bi-xenon for me though. No big, I have E-codes  ;D
Title: Re: Bi-xenon kit installed
Post by: Richard-EB on June 01, 2007, 09:55:52 PM
I found this site when i was researching the HID lights and converting them myself.

The company overall had some great tips and such.  How long did it take you to do your lights?
Title: Re: Bi-xenon kit installed
Post by: jfrahm on June 02, 2007, 06:36:40 AM
I already had E code lenses installed so I just had to mount the ballasts, relay assembly, install the bulbs and wire everything up.  Actually doing the install took maybe 1.5 hours but finding a spot for the RH ballast and the wire routing took a bit of head scratching time.  Maybe another hour all told.