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Title: Twin A5's spotted
Post by: Guinness on June 21, 2007, 11:23:01 PM
Ok, admittedly not as cool as the R8, but I'm pretty geeked about it.

Was downtown tonight having drinks with some friends and as we were crossing the parking lot adjacent to Fado's-Chop House I spied the beautiful ass-end of a brilliant red Audi- I'm thinking wow, there's an A4 just like mine...but wait, as we get closer I think, hey, those aren't my tail lights, and that is sure a wide rear end for an A4.

We walk up and I realize that its an '08 A5! And, as I'm taking that in, I notice her twin sister a few spaces over! My cell battery was dead so I got my buddy to snap a couple of pics with his phone, I'll post them up as soon as he emails them to me. They were breathtaking in person! I looked around the inside of the first car and noticed a Lufthansa e-ticket stuffed in the ashtray, and they had California plates.

Yes, of course we waited(and enjoyed a couple fine Guinnesses at Fado's) until Gunter and Helmutt came out of the Chop House and I ran over and stood by the driver window, he rolled down and we spent the next while talking to them about the A5, pricing, options, release dates, how to get a job test driving new Audis, you know, the usual.

They were both 6 cyls, which kind of suprised me, I wonder if they think they will sell more of those in 6 than 8? interesting. Anyway, for my money a much more attractive car than the BMW 6 series hands down.

Ok here are the crappy, dark, grainy camera-phone images




Title: Re: Twin A5's spotted
Post by: Spicoli on June 22, 2007, 05:36:13 PM
I saw a Red A5 last night on 6th around 10:30pm.  Red as well.  Older lady driving it, like 50ish and a guy passenger.  They were driving pretty slow.  It didn't have any badging on the back which was unusual, only the audi 4 rings.