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Title: Oil cooler for the GTI
Post by: SweetVW on September 06, 2007, 11:53:09 AM
I am sitting here eating lunch and thinking about what else....the GTI!  I know go get a life!  ;D 

Anyway, with the modifications that I have done with the GTI and the added stress/heat that I am creating.  How much benefit would I achieve by adding an oil cooler?  My main concern is the turbo, I know that with my driving habits (snicker, snicker) I am asking more of the turbo and the heat it is generating.  Would a cooler make much of an effect?  I was thinking of mounting the oil radiator in front of the main radiator or on the left side behind the bumper vent.  I know that if I mount it there I would have to route out the vent to allow air flow.  No big problem there.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated and thanks in advance.  :)

I found this link on a Vortex thread: (