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Title: VAG-COM Error Codes
Post by: spencerjw on February 23, 2004, 08:07:49 AM
Ok, I'm finally taking a moment to get these error codes I received looked at form Saturday.

I have the APR chip installed and as soon as I really opened up my ride the engine light came on after almost redlining befor shifting gears (with auto on, no Tip).

Here are the codes I got from Chas' VAG-COM
2 DTCs Found

16683 - Unknown Error
002 - Lower Limit Exceeded

16825 - Evap Emissions Control System
002 - Lower Limit Exceeded

So, anyone have access to the codes and what they mean?  Also, how can I figure out what to do with that "Unknown Error" code?

Title: VAG-COM Error Codes
Post by: kraut-sled on February 23, 2004, 08:46:21 AM
From the Bentley CD:

 EVAP Emission Contr.Sys.Incorrect Purge Flow
 Check EVAP canister purge

This is also known as the N-75 regulator valve


There is nothing on this code in the Fault code table on the CD.  I did find code 16684 - Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected

guessing by the grouping of the codes, this code 16683 might be a misfire in the engine or a fault code resulting from the additional fuel / air mixture in the engine as a result of the chip.

I would call the shop and see what they know.

Keep us posted, Spencer, as I am looking at the APR software for my next mod.
Title: VAG-COM Error Codes
Post by: 92UrS4 on February 23, 2004, 08:51:56 AM
Spencer your best bet is to head back out there and have them take a look.  Your car is really too new to have something like the "N 75" to go bad especially since you've nly been chipped a few weeks.

I know in the past all the chip makes have had trouble with significant model year changes.  When VW pumped out the 170hp ver of the 1.8t to the Passat it was hell for a lot of people who were getting chipped and it took some time to wrinkle out those problems.  Seems pretty standard with the recent model years.
Title: VAG-COM Error Codes
Post by: spencerjw on February 23, 2004, 09:14:27 AM
Alright, sounds good.
Thanks guys, I'll be giving the shop a call today and be heading up there in the next few days to have them look at it.

Thanks for the assistance.