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Title: installing a chipped ecu...
Post by: madigan on February 24, 2004, 08:00:49 PM
I bought a GIAC chip a few weeks was just the chip. Today I got a killer deal on an already chipped ECU (eBay) with the same GIAC chip  - 1 bar/91 octane... My question is and I know I've read about it before but can't find the article... what is the process when installing a chipped ECU? I know it's along the lines of swapping ECU's than turning the ignition to the position just before the engine cranks and letting it sit for a few minutes to learn the new ECU. Does any one know the process? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Title: installing a chipped ecu...
Post by: RobD on February 25, 2004, 05:23:41 AM
For the APR it just liked what you described.  The guy at Autosport werks just said to let the car sit in the "pre-start" (for lack of better of term)position for about 3 minutes.  Not sure if it's the same for Giac software.

Congrats on the deal! New house, TB, UDP and now and ECU/Chip.  Mark you win the lottery and not tell your fellow b5 buds?   :)
Title: installing a chipped ecu...
Post by: kraut-sled on February 25, 2004, 09:45:09 AM
Mark - you need a vag-com to run the throttle calibration test, or you can do as discrobed above.  The first time you make the swap I recomend the vag-com method.  Matt (Black A4) does this swap in his car and knows the exact procedure - drop him a line and see if ha can give you a hand.

BTW - you are luck not to have the ignition imobolizer.  That was the killer for me when I tried to do an ECU swap. :twisted:
Title: Sup peepr
Post by: BlackA4 on February 26, 2004, 12:02:33 PM
Sup PEEPS, thought I heard my name somewhere.  :lol:  Let me know if you need a hand Madigan. I would definatly recommend a throttle body adaptation when you install a new ECU. You have DBW right? This tells the new ECU where closed throttle is and wide open throttle is. You can just install the ecu but your car might not idle properly or you might not get full throttle. Once you perform this task initally you shouldn't have to do again for a while even if you change ECU's. Because the ECU remembers your new limits. Also after installing the ECU let sit like RobD said for approx. 3 mins in pre-start mode. Then you also have to let it idle for about 3 -5 mins without touching anything as well as having all defrost/heater/ac turned off. There must not be any load on the engine.  This is because the new ECU is preforming the learning test. It detects all new data for your o2 sensor heater, cat tests, and many other "Learning Values" that occur after first start on new ecu.

Hope this helps.  Matt
Title: installing a chipped ecu...
Post by: 03Indigo on February 26, 2004, 01:43:25 PM

that is great info.  I soon will be doing APR 2 program Stage 1 91 Octane...I am sure when it is done, they will do this for me, but in case I decide to ship it out somewhere, good to know how this is done....and having access to VAGcom is key, to work out any kinks.

thanks for sharing your experience

Title: installing a chipped ecu...
Post by: ColoradoB5 on February 29, 2004, 10:44:45 PM
Jon, are you going to chip the Allroad?  Do tell!

Also Mark, when I had my ATW engine chipped, they didn't do the vag-com TBA...

But I did do the door open car in accessory mode for 3 minutes reset/reboot car technique and it did make a difference.

Title: installing a chipped ecu...
Post by: madigan on March 01, 2004, 06:35:59 PM
Hey guys...I got my chipped ECU today, installed it and instantly got a CEL as soon as I started the car. I let it sit for 3-5 minutes to learn everything. Drove downtown and WOW what a difference! But...two things, first I need to clear the CEL and second I noticed that my temp gauge doesn't sit dead center at 190. It was dropping down and fluctuating between 155-172.5. I'm stumped...TIA!!!
Title: installing a chipped ecu...
Post by: 92UrS4 on March 01, 2004, 09:48:42 PM
Really W, when Chris (pass-variant) did mine he said we HAD to do the VAG-COM TBA?  I dunno, maybe there is something to it.  I guess your car could elarnon it's own, but the ECu has a memory of it's previous owner.  It may take some driving cycles for everything to clear.  If it starts running rough then I'd start to worry.
Title: installing a chipped ecu...
Post by: ColoradoB5 on March 01, 2004, 09:59:18 PM
Yep, try it tomorrow and you'll see that it does make a difference.  I have done it when the car just feels like a dog and then it starts its sampling again.

Feels instantly better.
Title: installing a chipped ecu...
Post by: 92UrS4 on March 02, 2004, 12:00:19 AM
Well I know about the ignition deal (do it often because of my commute), but the TBA is important I belive because it sets the ECU to know your car as opposed to knowing driving habits.

It may not be required because the ECUs are smart and will probably take care of it on their own, only taking longer.