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Title: B7 S4 300mm rear brakes installed
Post by: Docwyte on January 20, 2008, 05:56:08 PM
Finally got this done.  It was a real comedy of errors for awhile there.  First 034 was out of stock on the brackets.  Then I got the brackets, took apart the LR wheel and discovered the Stoptech SS brake lines were too short to reach.  Then 034 sent me longer brake lines.

So today a few fellow AWers came over to help me out.

#1  Jack up car, and lower car on jackstands.
#2  Remove rear wheels  (you have airtools, right?)
#3  Using a 11mm and 14mm wrench, break free the brake line from the hard line on the car.
#4  Using a 14mm wrench, break free the brake line from the caliper.
#5  Remove brake line.  Put a catch pan under the brake line to catch the fluid.
#6  Remove the 13mm bolts holding the caliper to the carrier.  You'll need to use a 15mm wrench to hold the captive nut in place.
#7  Remove the rotor.
#8  Remove the 5/16" (SAE, WTF?) allen head bolts holding the caliper carrier to the hub.
This are a PITA, use a 1/2" drive rachet, they're pretty tight.  Also, on the passenger side you may need to remove the 17mm bolt on the swaybar link to get at the upper caliper carrier bolt.
#9  This is the real PITA.  You need more slack from the e-brake cable.  To get it, you need to pop free the plastic clip/sleeve that the e-brake cable runs through in the middle of the lower control arm.  Use needle nose and a flathead screwdriver and pop it free from the back of the control arm. 
#10  Give the e-brake cable a little tug to get slack.
#11  Put together the 034 bracket and your stock caliper carrier bracket using the bolts provided.
#12  Install the caliper carrier assembly onto the car.
#13  Put rotor on hub, use a lug bolt to hold it in place.
#14  Put brake pads in place.
#15  Using your caliper piston retraction tool, retract the caliper piston.  (I bought mine from
#16  Install caliper in place, install bolts back into caliper.
#17  Install longer brake line onto caliper.  034 gave me a line that was 15" long vs the 9" line I had from Stoptech.  The 034 line is probably about 3" longer than you need.  Route it carefully!
#18  Check to make sure the brake lines aren't going to hit anything and they're tight.
#19  Bleed entire brake system.  I use a Motive Power Bleeder and Motul 600 fluid.
#20  Reinstall wheels, torque all wheel bolts.
#21  Drink beer, poke fun at your friends tiny, eetsy-beetsy stock (256mm) rear rotors in comparison to the gigantic 300mm rear rotors on your car.

This is an easy job but with lots of steps.  You NEED longer brake lines!  I'd probably get ones from Stasis, as I bet they're a direct fit and the proper length.  The 034 ones convert to a banjo fitting on the caliper vs a direct screw in fitting.  Between that and the extra length, I'm not sure how happy I am with them. 

No driving comparisons yet, it's winter here.  I upgraded from the S8 280mm rear rotors, those are much more of a direct bolt on...
Title: Re: B7 S4 300mm rear brakes installed
Post by: 03Indigo on January 20, 2008, 06:00:53 PM
sorry I missed the garage day, sounds like it was productive.