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Title: Bilstein HD's on the Eurovan
Post by: RobD on March 21, 2009, 11:31:32 PM
With Christy and the boys gone for spring break I had a chance to play in the garage today.  I ordered up some Bilstein HD shocks for the EV last summer and never got around to putting them on until today. 

The install was pretty simple and straight forward which was a nice change from doing the Passats over the years.  Granted I didn't have to deal with the springs but its nice to set out to do something and not have multiple complications come up.

After each corner was done I put my summer rubber on and then took it for a spin.  It felt much more balanced and taught with less body roll.  The EV is pretty big and needs all the help it can get to handle well.  These shocks make a huge difference. 

Stats - 2002 EV weekender MV with 39800 miles.

I also had a chance to change the oil.  I decided to do Auto-RX and started to cleaning stage.  Will post results later.
A fun day in the garage was had.

Christy took the camera so NO PICS.  Sorry.