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Title: dropped the A4 at SVE this morning... going under the knife after bumper damage
Post by: hotani on March 31, 2009, 08:30:34 AM
For those not on facebook, I attempted to rip the front bumper off my A4 doing a highly technical driving maneuver known as "backing out of the garage." I have an excuse: there was a crap-ton of snow outside the garage door. While giving some extra gas to push through, and at the same time turning as I normally do to back out, the car slipped and went a little farther left than planned.

My fender above the driver's front tire took a good dent, cracking the paint and exposing silver metal below. The worst damage came in the form of a bumper half attached, a rip in the middle just above the license plate, and a broken washer fluid line resulting in a bloodbath of blue liquid pouring from the car and melting snow as I stood there trying to grasp what just happened.

The lower spoiler flew clean off, landing centered on the garage floor, and suffering no damage (saved me $75 a new one would cost).

After hobbling the 3 blocks or so to SVE, they screwed the bumper back on temporarily so I could drive around. This morning I dropped the car off along with some lower grill mesh that has taken up space in my garage for about 3 years. Doing damage and getting repaired is no fun unless you can come away with some kind of upgrade. The mesh is minor but it'll have to do.