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Title: New to RMCB5
Post by: Passaton18s on April 10, 2004, 07:36:26 PM
Hi all, I'm new to this forum.  I discovered it while searching for headers for the 01 30V V6.  I know they are made for the 2.7 T like in the S4.  But wasn't sure about the 2.8.  Anyone here ever been to the other Passat page... ClubB5?  There is alot of tech. advice and tuner advice there also.  Most of the members there are from Cal. and NJ, but I've seen a few from Colorado.  One of the Site moderators here should give one of the site moderators there a post and maybe both sites could have a Big GTG somewhere.  I know they are always having Group Drives and BBQ's, they are also very active in VW Shows.  Well, looking forward to meeting everyone here. :D
Title: New to RMCB5
Post by: 92UrS4 on April 10, 2004, 08:30:42 PM
First off welcome to! As it says on the homepage we are all actually members of that were so active as a local group we started this club as a sort of spinoff.

I'm glad you found both sites.  The first National Get Togehter was here in Denver in 2002.  Hopefully it will be back here again this year.  Regardless, we will have our own since we have a number of members from neighboring states.

Keep an eye out, we have Garage Days and Get Togethers all the time.  Sometimes it's just for burgers and beers, other times it's doing major work like replacing timing belts on 6 cars at once.

We are set to have a GTG and a Garage Day at the end of this month so you should try and make it out.

One last thing, I am the site admin and we have 3 other moderators, 03Indigo, ColoradoB5 (who brought this idea together) and UberGrrl. If you have any problems with the site or any questions don't hesitate to send one of us a message.
Title: New to RMCB5
Post by: 03Indigo on April 10, 2004, 08:36:04 PM
Welcome to the club.

Most of us are very active in, that is where we all got our start and met each other in years past.  we were so active that a local site,, was created for more visibility for local Colorado and other rocky mountain region members to share info and joy for their rides.

There are plenty of GTG's in the works, and like Jay said, a national GTG for the late summer is in the is a great time, track day, drives, bbq's photo shoots, etc.  Keep you eyes open and any help you would like to offer in the organizational efforts would be appreciated

Not sure about the 2.8 V6 heads, maybe you want to check with tuners such as or, they may have some leads for you as far as performance heads for the 2.8.  If you find out a great resource, be sure to share it with not only us, but with the folks over at

Title: New to RMCB5
Post by: Flippped on April 11, 2004, 07:58:55 AM
I to am a member of ClubB5 that has found his way over to these boards as well. So Welcome to the club.  :thumbsup:
Title: New to RMCB5
Post by: ColoradoB5 on April 12, 2004, 07:09:22 AM
Hey welcome to the club!  CB5 member since 7/00.

Membership definitely has its privileges and 12,000 members have a lot of information, collectively.