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Title: back....long time b5 owner...
Post by: GOLF_R32 on June 23, 2009, 11:14:05 PM
So anyway!...i just decided to post up here, bc well i still miss my sc b5.

I have been on passatworld forever....handle is wickedgti.

And on vortex under badmk3.

I now have an R32 reflex silver, and soon to pick up a 2001 BMW m5 carbon black metallic.

I am writing this thread to reintroduce myself, and also introduce my new detailing business serving the front range.

My hopes is to provide quality, mobile detailing, with LOW prices to enthusiasts.

I am not doing this to get rich, just to help people out and frankly who doesnt like their car clean right?

I am a banner advertiser on

and if i need to become one on here i will also!

But anyway, you guys are welcome to hit me up by email or phone...

I do about 2 cars per weekend, sometimes in the springs..where i live..sometimes all around the metroplex.

As always my price is firm for cars, hatchbacks.....(extra for bigger suvs or trucks)....85.00 for all RMCB5 or metrodubs members.

this includes claybar, polish and all exterior done.

Interiors are extra....

message me at

or call me or text 719 233 9327.

Thanks for this opportunity to spread the word....

Each referral you send me , gets you 5 dollars off your detail..up to 4 referrals. so 4 people referred..equals 60 dollar detail!

Thanks again...

Keep safe and clean out there!..and not just your cars..hehehe

please allow 2 to 3 days for scheduling bc this time of the year is busy..luckily.
Title: Re: back....long time b5 owner...
Post by: GOLF_R32 on June 23, 2009, 11:15:41 PM
85 for claybar polish and unbeatable frankly.

shop around....i will price match:) any SHOP or BUSINESS.