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Title: Rapidscreen E-test worked!
Post by: jfrahm on September 25, 2009, 10:39:33 AM
I thought I'd try to get my A8 smog test done using the drive-by testing this go-round.  The reasons are:

1) To see if it can be done.

2) Avoid the lines, often long, for the one AWD dyno at the testing station.

3) Twice I have gone to get smogged and the AWD dyno was broken so I had to come back.  That got old.

I started looking out for the testing van locations and drove by one about four times that I thought were good passes.  A few times when I went by something went wrong or the van was not there, or was just setting up or just leaving.  That was annoying.  Once the guy in front of me stopped at the test van, ignoring all the 'do not stop!' signs.  Oh well. 
When I got my renewal card in the mail it said I had passed the smog test already. w00t.

Anyway my car passed and it was more fun to run by the van a few times than it is to hang out at the testing station while the 'techs' mess around with my car.  On my 928 they could not find the hood release... which is right were you would expect it to be?  Whatever.  When testing one of my other RWD cars they put the front wheels on the dyno.  Durrr.  Quite the brain trust they have going on there.

The keys to Rapidscreen success are:

1) Go past at least twice on different days,

2) Do this in the 12 months before your tags expire and require a new smog certificate *but* not in the last two months.  This is to allow for processing time.  That means if your tags expire in December, go a few times Jan-Oct but November is too late.

3) Gentle pressure on the gas pedal, slight acceleration or climbing a small grade.  Like normal people drive.  This is the hardest part for me.

4) If it's too windy or otherwise bad weather the truck won't be out, so don't bother on those days.

Van locations: (

I also suppose if you have a test pipe on for testing, you could go to the Rapidscreen van a few times with your cat on and then have nearly three years of testing, if you time it right.