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Title: Raised clutch stop?
Post by: velo on May 04, 2004, 03:06:39 PM
A while ago, I came across a post on a BMW site by someone who had installed a custom clutch stop in their car so that the clutch pedal didn't go all the way to the floor.  This seems like a good idea for us too since the clutch on a B5 only engages in the top third or so of pedal travel.

So, have any of you heard of someone putting a raised clutch stop in a B5?  Any thoughts on whether this would be a good idea or not?  I know I'd have to also tweak the switch that requires the clutch to be fully depressed before the ignition will crank, but that shouldn't be too difficult.

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Title: Raised clutch stop?
Post by: kt037 on May 05, 2004, 11:30:05 AM
my clutch has to be fully depressed to shift in the lower gears, think it might need an adjustment..
Title: Raised clutch stop?
Post by: velo on May 14, 2004, 02:22:16 PM
Bump.  Anyone have any thoughts on this?
Title: Raised clutch stop?
Post by: Chas on May 14, 2004, 09:25:45 PM
Hmmm, Alan I think this one might need some serious tinkering. I personally don't like to mess with the mechanical design of clutch systems. I did some work like this on a '63 MG Midget, but that was based on someone else's work and there were lots of diagrams. Also, the clutch system on the Midget was way, way simpler and easier to manipulate than the B5 Passat. For one, the clutch system had it's own fluid resavoir and master cylinder. It was just a matter of making the push rod a bit longer by using other MG parts that were modified. I dought there would be such a simple answer to this problem.

But don't let me discourage you from trying.
Title: Raised clutch stop?
Post by: velo on May 17, 2004, 09:32:39 AM
From the post I read by this BMW owner, I got the impression that he just put a bolt (or something similar) into the firewall directly beneath the clutch pedal.  This simply prevented the clutch pedal from going all the way to the floor.  As long as you allow the pedal to travel enough to disengage fully, this should work ok, right?
Title: Raised clutch stop?
Post by: ColoradoB5 on May 18, 2004, 07:42:52 AM
Alan, from past experience, I know that our clutches self adjust, meaning the distance you have to pust to the floor will decrease as the clutch wears, so keep that in mind of you want to go forward with needs to be adjustable.
Title: Raised clutch stop?
Post by: JDawg on May 18, 2004, 09:56:35 AM
Another very important note, your clutch switch will only activate afer the clutch is completely compressed.  By modding the cluch in this way, you may be unable to start your car! You may be able to modify your clutch switch....
Title: Raised clutch stop?
Post by: velo on May 28, 2004, 04:50:12 PM
Yeah, I know I would have to modify that switch that won't let the car start unless the clutch is fully depressed.  The guy with the bimmer I read about did just that.  He made it sound like he just put a bolt or something into the firewall to keep the pedal from going to the floor.  Then he modified the switch to be activated sooner.

The self-adjusting clutch issue would probably be the biggest problem.  It would require this mod to be adjusted as the clutch wears.  Oh well, I've got too much on my plate to worry about this right now anyway.  ;)